Peep Science with Dr. Gideon

DISCLAIMER: So through my college I was doing an online chemistry course which had experiments we did at home. This experiment called for using a vacuum chamber on a marshmallow. But we didn't have any marshmallows. ^^; So I had to use a marshmallow Peep. Jynx did the electrons "experiment" with me, but I thought she might be traumatized by experimenting on a Peep; so my least sensitive guy, Gideon, volunteered to help out.

Gideon: So, what are we supposed to do?

Ayaka: Well, we put a Peep in this vacuum container . . .

Peep: It's a what now?

Gideon: Don't worry . . . I have a Ph.D. . . . in SCIENCE!

Peep: . . .

Gideon: What's next?

Ayaka: Well, we have a pump thingie we put on and suck all the air out.

Gideon: Ooo.

Peep: I thought I was signing up for harmless research! O_O;

Ayaka: I'm sorry, but this is for science . . . class credit.

Gideon: Let's . . . get . . . sucking! :D

Ayaka: How do you feel?

Peep: Umm . . . kinda puffy.

Peep: Erk . . . I think my sugar's cracking . . .

Gideon: HEY! I thought it was going to suck the air out! How come he's swelling up?

Ayaka: It IS sucking the air out, but the vacuum around it causes the air inside the marshmallow to expand due to the drop in pressure.

Peep: Gnn . . . are we done yet? I feel like I had way too much soda . . .

Ayaka: Yeah, I think that's all the air we can suck out.

Gideon: Aww . . .

Ayaka: Now, we just compare to the control Peeps . . .

Gideon: Aww, I thought something exciting would happen :(

Ayaka: Well, I suppose we should really try our automated vacuum food sealer, since we have one.

Ayaka: So, same kind of container, we just hook it up to this hose and the machine sucks the air out instead of having to pump it out manually.

Gideon: The POWER! *mad scientist laugh*

Peep: Um . . . I DEFINITELY didn't agree to THIS . . .

Peep: @_@

Gideon: WHOA lookit him go! Like a balloon!

Ayaka: Geez, that's really fast! And he's way bigger than last time, I think . . .

Gideon: Compare to the control!

Peep: I need to go on a dietttttt . . .

Control Peeps: o_O;

Peep: Ahhh . . . relief . . .

Gideon: Hey . . . it went back to normal . . . I still didn't get an explosion ;_;

Conrol Peep #1: Dude, I'm so never signing any waivers.