Notes: I picked up some Kelly clothing on eBay for my Orientdoll So. Kelly has been redesigned, so make sure the clothes are for the 4" Kelly dolls (or Tommy). Because of some differences in proportion, some things fit better than others, and some don't fit at all, so I thought it might be useful for other people to keep track of whatever I find out. Briefly regarding Kelly ("Barbie's little sister"): introduced in 1995 (other dolls in Kelly's size like Tommy weren't released until 1997). In 2003, Kelly's size was changed; from 4 1/2" to about 5", with changes in proportion. Here is a page about Tommy, which has info if you're looking for boy clothes for your tiny.

As a side note: Mattel made a line of dolls called "Heart Family" in the mid-late 80s (not part of Barbie line but very similar) which included toddler-type dolls. The clothing is big due to difference in proportion, but the mary jane shoes fit great (with socks). Something to keep an eye out for. I will post my sock pattern here with some instructions.

Sorry, I forgot to get a photo of the other set in its packaging; it is the "slumber party" set, and has an identical package. Both of these sets are pretty common on eBay so you should be able to find them for around $5 each. The quality is not the best, none of the edges are finished; but I think both sets were worth it for the cost. PJ set best item: Underwear. Play set best item: Plaid dress.

Dress: Fits perfectly.
Jelly shoes: too short and pretty tight but not unwearable.

Top: Too short, but looks cute as a crop top.
Capris: Smallest of the pants in this set, definitely won't close.
Blue jelly shoes: Slightly too small but will fit with some persuading.

Top: I think it might be a dress but it works as a long top.
Capris: too small (see above)

Set: Supposed to be pajamas but could work as a play set, or separates. Pants don't close all the way but are close so they're fine as long as they're covered.

Top: Fits perfectly.
Skirt: more than a little racy ^^; Too short.

Top: Bit short but works.
Pants: Fit but don't quite close so they need to be covered.
Sunglasses: Snug but they fit.
Sneakers: Rather long but they do fit (better with socks).

Swimsuit(?): Fits perfectly. Not sure if it's a swimsuit or undies, but whatever works for you.
Robe: Fits but it's a little goofy and looks somewhat small. Headscarf: Didn't get a pic of this, it should fit but I couldn't get it to stay on. @_@ *incompetent*

Underwear: Both pairs of undies fit great, the set is almost worth it just for them.