Naoya Plays Ball

Comment: This was intended to just be a photoshoot, but wound up turning into a photostory because everything with Nao is a drama. ^^; I made him a shirt that I intended to do an applique on, but I couldn't because my iron was being insane. But the plain shirt reminds me so much of a Japanese boys' gym uniform! So I dug out the tennies and made do for shorts with Akio's first-ever pants, a pair of very ghetto boxers. ^^; So not only did Nao have to wear Akio's old boxers (backwards for modesty, they have a real fly!) and stand out in the sun, he had a VERY close fall while I was taking the second and third pictures - I had to back away to take the shot and a sudden breeze knocked him over backwards! X_X He gave me a heart attack as the force of the fall even knocked his headcap off, but he survived the incident with just a few asphalt marks (which came off).

Since this was originally supposed to be a shoot, you can click on images for a larger view.

Naoya: Okay, what the hell did you drag me out in the sun for?

Ayaka: You're not beauty white, you can take it.

Naoya: Me. Outside. Heat. SHORTS. Why.

Ayaka: We repainted the basketball goal recently, and the driveway's been resurfaced too so it's all nice . . . so I wanted to play basketball.

Naoya: . . . basketball?

(I took this photo AFTER he fell, which is probably why he looks SO peeved at me.)

Naoya: . . . that's the basket?

Ayaka: That's the basket.

Naoya: . . . THAT'S the BASKET?

Ayaka: That's the basket. Why is there an echo outside?

Naoya: You are an extremely sadistic person.

Ayaka: Stop complaining, I got you a LONG-LEG body . . .

Naoya: . . .

Ayaka: . . . Okay, we'll think of something else to play. But you should stretch first, otherwise it's bad for your mus- err elastic.

Naoya: Fine, fine.

Naoya: MAN this asphalt is HOT . . .


Ayaka: Can't you go farther than that? Put some heart into it!

Naoya: Mehhh . . .
Ayaka: Okay, I guess there are SOME advantages to being loosely strung . . .

Naoya: Heh.

Naoya: Okay, NOW what? You better not have made me stretch for nothing.

Ayaka: Okay, you wait here while I go try and find our sports stuff . . .

Ayaka: Here you go!

Naoya: . . .

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