Part One: Packing

Ayaka: So, Malcolm, this will be your first big solo trip! The big boys aren't coming, so it's just you and me. ^^ Are you excited about going to New York City?

Malcolm: Yeah, I get to have a bag all to myself! When are we leaving?

Ayaka: Tomorrow morning. Early. =_=;

Malcolm: Whatcha doing?

Ayaka: Packing. Whenever you travel, you have to pack carefully; you don't want to take more than you need, but you don't want to run out of things, either! It's important how you pack what you're taking, too. I always put my shoes in a plastic bag so they don't get my clothes dirty. That goes in first because it's the biggest, then whatever I'm least likely to need, like a jacket; and shirts on top of that, and then pants on the top. I fill the extra spaces with my socks and other small items so nothing shifts.

Malcolm: Hmm . . . seems complicated . . .

Ayaka: When you've had a lot of experience, it's pretty easy. I packed my biggest suitcase with a lot of irregular and breakable costume pieces in 15 minutes once.

Malcolm: Yeah, this is good. Comfy!

Ayaka: That's not the point of packing this way -_-; I have to go get my toiletries and my carry-on together, why don't you go pack your things while I do that?

Malcolm: Sure, piece of cake.

*some time later*

Malcolm: All set!

Malcolm: I've got all my stuff all set.

Ayaka: . . .


Ayaka: Mal, if you pack your things like that, you won't be able to find anything and it'll all get wrinkled!

Malcolm: Oh . . . I guess . . . but how else do I do it?

Ayaka: First you've got to fold your things. Lay it out flat first.

Malcolm: Okay, now what?

Ayaka: First you should do up some of the buttons, it'll be easier to fold that way.

Malcolm: Like this?

Ayaka: Yeah, but flip it over, we're going to fold from the back.

Ayaka: Okay, now you fold each sleeve in towards the center.

Malcolm: Okay . . .

Ayaka: Just like that.

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