Chronicling the arrival of my SDCute Kurt, whom I won on Y!JA and wound up paying exactly the same as "retail" from Volks USA. I had a change of heart long after it was too late for the lotto.
Stellan: "Hey, what are you doing with that big box?"

Ayaka: "Uh, what big box . . . >_> I have no idea where this came from. ¬.¬;"

Stellan: "Ah, it hails from the Kingdom of Celga! Just like me!"

Stellan: "Ah, excellent, the summoning ritual must have worked . . ."

Ayaka: "What was that?"

Stellan: "Oh, nothing, let's open 'your' box."

Stellan: "Shall I use the sacred opening tool, or you? It does go with my outfit."
Stellan: "Look, 'OCD'. It must be for you."
Ayaka: "Hey >_>"
Stellan: "The King of Celga has sent me a gift!"

Ayaka: "Um, Stellan, I think that's an otoshidama (New Year's gift)."

Stellan: "But it's definitely for me. <3"

Stellan: "Ooh, what wonder will it contain?"
Stellan: "Look, I really CAN summon Disney characters! ATTACK, BAMBI!"

Ayaka: ". . . have you been using my PS2 again?"

Stellan: "Oh dear, this other box is upside-down . . ."
Stellan: "Ooh, foreign furniture ads! <3 Look at this cool stuff . . ."

Ayaka: "Ooh, that's nice . . ."


Ayaka: "*cough* Back to the task at hand . . ."
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