Jynx, Gideon, and new arrivals Sahara and Chance came with me on my trip to Kentucky for the Kentucky Derby. I didn't get any pictures AT the Derby even though I snuck Jynx and Chance in (the security guard who searched my purse was highly amused), my brother forgot his camera so he kidnapped mine. :P (It was really too crowded and full of drunk people to take them out safely, anyway.)

Gideon and Sahara had to spend the weekend in the room, though, but my brother's girlfriend's killer rabbit puppet keept them company.

Gideon: I deserve better.

Sahara: Ano . . .

The chibis and I went to Joe Ley, a funky antique store. But I only had a short time there so I couldn't take many pictures >< (Sure, don't tell me until we have to go *right that second* that we don't have much time!)

Yes, the fake security guard was for sale o_O;

Parrot lamp . . .

I dunno what it is, but it was sitting in a little airplane and it was weird. O_o

Fortuneteller in a box with oddly long neck

the "Not For Sale" collections room, complete with fake Colonel Sanders

I found a car I thought suited Chance . . .

Chance: Umm . . . I can't reach the wheel . . .

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