Jynx and the lizard

Walking around the yard on a pretty fall day, Jynx spots something funny . . .

Jynx: . . .

Jynx: There's a green thing!
Green Thing: ?

Jynx: . . .

Green Thing: . . .


Jynx: I wanna touch it.

Ayaka: Well, it doesn't seem like it'd bite . . .

Green Thing: *tiptoes closer*
Green Thing: <3

Jynx: Heehee~

Ayaka: I guess you made a friend o.o Though I don't know what an iguana is doing in Chicago!

Jynx: The green thing's name is Monty! Monty wants to live with us!

Ayaka: He told you that, huh?

Jynx: Yes.

Ayaka: I suppose we can't very well leave him out here, it's already fall and iguanas are not good Midwesterners.

Jynx: Yay Monty!

Monty: <3