Ayaka: Okay, everyone, you're all down here today because it's a very special day. Jynx has been here for a whole year! And I think Chance has something he wants to show her.
Chance: *mumble*

Ayaka: Chance, come on, you can talk louder than that, there's no need to be shy.

Chance: I made you a cake. It's a heart an' it's pink cause you like pink.


Akio: You should appreciate that, Jynx, none of the rest of us have ever gotten a cake . . . err, I mean, happy . . . anniversary?
Ayaka: Okay, the candle's lit, smile for the camera!

Akio: Doesn't she always?

Ayaka: Now you have to make a secret wish and blow out the candle.

Jynx: Hmm . . .

Chance: Don't take too long, the candle might melt down and set fire to the placemat, and the table, and the house . . .

Ayaka: Chance, the house is not going to burn down. >_> Geez I'm amazed you survived using the mixer.

Chance: Mixer, or spinning spiral of double DOOM?

Akio: So young, and already so paranoid. He's got potential.

Jynx: I made a wish and blew out the candle on the first try! YAY!

Ayaka: Okay, let's cut it so that you and Chance can each have some.

Jynx: I wanna do it!

Jynx: Sugar~ :D

Chance: Ahh, be careful . . .

Ayaka: Chance, it's a butter knife.

Jynx: Look, it's even got butterfly sprinkles!
Ayaka: They match your bracelets.
Ayaka: Okay, Chance, don't you have something to say to Akio, too?

Akio: Huh?

Chance: . . . err . . .

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