Jynx's Arrival

Jynx actually tried to come home on Friday, but I had already left for the airport! But, I knew that she'd be waiting for me when the mail came on Tuesday. I didn't think I was going to have a girl in my life, and neither did the boys . . . I'm sorry for the bad photos, I only had a few minutes to take them before I had to leave the house for the doctor's!

Naoya: Okay, we're all sitting here.

Akio: Trust me, it's never a good sign . . .

Malcolm: Huh? What?

Akio: Nao, I hope you don't have any OTHER siblings you haven't told me about.

Naoya: HALF. Half.

Malcolm: Half what?

Naoya: Half pint.

Malcolm: What's a pint?

Naoya: You are. Half of one.

Malcolm: o_O;;;

Malcolm: It's an envelope . . . from Singapore.

Nao: Hmm . . . sometimes good things come from there . . .

Ayaka: It's from Shan ^^

Ayaka: Ah, look, she sent us a picture of Shiina! He's so lovely~

Malcolm: Hey, we almost look related!

Naoya: I like my pin badges better. WTF . . . rainbows? You better not be changing my style.

Malcolm: Um, I know I looked cute in Saffron's outfit, but that was really a one-time thing . . . besides, isn't it a bit small?

Naoya: HA she's going to make you a girl.

Ayaka: No I'm not and never mind that BIG BOX!


Naoya: You're easily excitable, aren't you . . .

Akio: Oh man, I know where THIS is going . . .


Naoya: Man that's tiny.


Naoya: I guess he's going to be a quarter-pint . . .

Malcolm: I am so confused.

Akio: The dress and the pins must be for the person inside.

Malcolm: But that's girl stuff, the picture looks like a boy.

Akio: Eh, your box didn't have a picture, and Nao's has ISAO on it.

Naoya: Don't remind me. ><

Malcolm: I guess . . . there's only one way to find out . . .

Naoya: Isao couldn't fit in such a small box, could he . . .?

Akio: If it was just his head, he could still, you know, bite off your ankles . . . maybe your knees if he could bounce some . . .

Naoya: Uh, how about YOU do the honors, Malcolm . . .

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