Chicago Holiday Meet Pics

This is Naoya's first time out of the house since his arrival, and his first meet-up. I think he looks nervous . . . (Akio is in the bag for easier carrying, Naoya doesn't fit.)


Here's the turnout for the meet at Fox Valley Mall. We hijacked the couch. :X

L to R: Minerva's MSD Ken, Conchobhair; Rainwatercat's SD10 Sara, Serena; my school head, Naoya; my SD13 Shirou, Akio, holding the Nameless Head of Isao; and Scarlet's Blue Fairy Jerome, Florizel.

That is some serious skirt. XD


Connor's distracted by a shiny object? Or maybe looking for his mommy?


Florizel's outfit was so adorable. Akio's shirt was falling down, I didn't notice . . . I think Isao is happy to be out of a box, even if he's bodyless.


Rainwatercat uses her childrens' stroller as a Dollfie carriage. Serena and Naoya seem to be getting along great!




After wandering the mall, we went down the street to the Super JoAnn. Forgot there were carts so I left Akio in the car.



Naoya has interesting taste in fabric . . . ^^;
Naoya: How about this stripey one?


After bidding goodbye to the dollies and their owners, we headed home (through the snow).

Naoya: "Aren't you going to get my things out of the bag?"
Well, no, I'm not going to sew right now . . .
Naoya: "I want a new shirt . . ."
You're wearing a new shirt now . . . >_>


Naoya: "Hmm . . . maybe *I* can make it . . ."


Naoya: ". . . okay, I guess I'll have to wait. I don't know what to do with this stuff."
They weren't really meant for the same outfit anyway . . . ^^; Sequins and velvet seems a bit too Elvis.


Meanwhile, Akio apparently got worn out and has fallen asleep . . .
Isao: "Can I use his body? If he's asleep, he's not using it!"
. . . no. ><;
Isao: Aww . . .


~ END ~