I got the SD13 boy size guitar from SoulDoll. :)

Ayaka: So, Akio . . . you remember a while back we talked about getting you a guitar?

Akio: Err . . . sorta?

Ayaka: Well . . . I have a surprise for you!

Akio: Is it a pony?

Ayaka: . . .

Akio: I'm kidding >_>

Ayaka: So, what do you think?

Akio: It's really cool looking, but . . . what do I do with it?

Ayaka: Err . . . actually I don't know how to play ^^;;;

Akio: You hold it like this, right?

Ayaka: Yeah.

Ayaka: And then you put the fingers on your left hand next to those bar things and hold down the string to make the notes . . .

Akio: And strum with your hand. I have seen concert videos . . .


(These are wireless elextric guitars and uhh the amp is just outside the picture? ^^;;;)

Akio: And this should be a different note if I put my finger here . . .

Ayaka: Hey, I think you're going to be good at this ^^

Nao: Hey . . . what's making that racket?

Akio: . . . ><

Nao: . . . you actually GOT him a guitar?

Ayaka: Yeah. You jealous?

Nao: Nah, that's okay . . . one wannabe rocker in the house is enough.*pat pat*

Akio: Who are you calling a "wannabe", Mr. Checkoutmysexybiceps? The giant cross is kind of overkill on the gothic bling-bling scale, too . . .
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