Jynx: What's this big thing?

Akio: . . .

Akio: . . yeah, I knew it . . . it's from Japan. Here we go again.

Jynx: We're going to Japan? :D

Akio: No, you see, a big box from Japan means . . . oh nevermind.

Malcolm: Fra-gee-lay . . . are you sure it's not from Italy?

Akio: Yes I'm sure. >_> It's another "houseguest", that's what it is.

Malcolm: Houseguests come from boxes?

Jynx: Babies come from Japan?

Akio: ><;;;

Naoya: Ah, children.

Zenzero: Yes . . .

Akio: Oy vey.

Malcolm: Hey I think I hear banging . . . there's someone inside! We better open it!

Akio: *ominously* Once you open it, you can't close it again . . .

Ayaka: Um, Mal, no offense, but I really don't trust you with scissors as tall as you are. You better move away and let me open it.

I see bubblewrap!
At this point my dog decided to come be annoying and generally in the way >_>;
Obligatory "cat in the box" shot? ^^;