Jynx's Easter egg hunt

Notes: I hadn't planned on this, but I found some smallish Easter eggs at Party City and . . . I felt very silly while I was hiding them. (Jynx was inside while I did it.) Anyway, I don't really celebrate Easter but I did when I was a kid and I always loved looking for Easter eggs. I had an Easter outfit for her, but I could only find one of her bunny ears so she insisted on wearing her bunny romper instead.

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Ayaka: Okay Jynx, I've hidden the eggs . . . now you have to find them!

Jynx: Where should I look?

Ayaka: I can't tell you that, that would spoil the fun.

Jynx: Hmm . . .

Jynx: Under here seems like a good spot!

Ayaka: It does, but I don't see an egg.

Jynx: What about up there in that crack?

Ayaka: I think that's a bit small for an egg. ^^;

Jynx: Look, I found one!

Ayaka: Uhh, Jynx, that's a pinecone. ^^;;;

Ayaka: Okay, I'll give you a hint - you're warm!

Jynx: No, not really . . .

Ayaka: No, I mean there's an egg close to you!

Jynx: Oh! I don't see it though . . .

Ayaka: I'll give you another hint - it's a YELLOW egg.


Jynx: I see it! Yay!

Ayaka: Good job! ^^

Jynx: I want to look up there now.

Ayaka: Uh . . . Jynx . . . do you need a hand?

Jynx: No . . . I can do it . . . unff . . .

*five minutes later*


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