Diary of a Caterpillar

Chapter One: The Lay of the Land

A sudden gust of wind has brought me from my home to a foreign land. The color and character of this place is different from any I have seen before. I am afraid, but my explorer's heart must be satisified; I shall discover all I can about this new land before I begin to make my way home.

I theorize that the patterns, though they appear regular, may in fact have been formed by a combination of geological and weather conditions. The question of whether they belie intelligent design of some form warrants further investigation.

Having spotted a large mountain nearby, I make the trek across the plains.

Jynx: Lookit, a callerpitter!

If the prospects for ascent seem within my capabilities, I intend to scale this mountain and gain a better perspective on the geography.

From the foot of the mount, however, I can see that the ascent will be steep and challenging. There is no foliage and the mountain faces appear quite sheer. I have decided to turn south and scale a foothill instead.

Climbing the foothill is readily accomplished.

The height is lacking, though, and I cannot discover much about the further lands from here.

I feel that, having come this far, I must attempt to reach the summit of the mountain itself.

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