Ayaka: So, how is it?

Naoya: . . .

Ayaka: You look cold.

Naoya: I'm fine. Take your stupid pictures.

Ayaka: You don't look fine. Akio, is he fine?

Akio: What are you asking me for?

Ayaka: I dunno!

Nao: Why the hell are we standing out here in the cold discussing whether or not I'm cold . . . ><;

Ayaka: Ok, ok, we'll go in.


Back inside . . .

Ayaka: There we go, everybody's all dried off. Nao, don't you want a blanket? You look cold still.

Naoya: I'm fine.

Ayaka: You sure you're not cold?

Naoya: Do you have to keep asking me that ><

Akio: Here, take some of the blanket for crying out loud and stop trying to be macho . . . (you're not very good at it)

Naoya: *grab*

Akio: Ok, now I have no blanket . . . you better give me some back or I'm going to tell her . . .


Ayaka: Tell me what?

Akio: Nao's agoraphobic!

Ayaka: He IS? O_O

Akio: Well he didn't say that but I betcha money . . .

Ayaka: Nao, is that true? You never told me that . . .

Naoya: . . .

Akio: That was so a "yes" . . . OW! It's not like she can't tell you're jabbing me just cause she can't see your arm!

Naoya: Can't talk too cold.

Ayaka: Oh, so NOW you're cold . . . fine, I'll make you boys some hot chocolate. But we're going to talk about this again . . .