This photoshoot is from the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Most of the pictures are from their Japanese garden. Because I was there on a Saturday, the gardens were VERY busy! There weren't many places I could go where I would not be in the way, and I definitely attracted a lot of attention. ^^; Everyone was nice though and seemed interested and a lot of people said they were cool or pretty. But, because of the people, some of the shots are not as well-composed as I would have liked; it was kind of distracting.

I designed and made the boys' outfits for this shoot. As always, click on an image for a larger version.

Malcolm: Hey, what are you guys doing? What are you looking at?

Akio: Cloudwatching.

Malcolm: . . . no, really, whatcha looking at?

Naoya: Stop talking and just lie down and see.

Malcolm: Ooo . . . cloudwatching!

Akio: Cloudwatching.

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