Ayaka: Well, I've been putting this off WAY too long. It's definitely bath time for the lot of you.

Akio: Why am I the only one not currently wearing pants?

Ayaka: Because you're the only one currently wearing underwear.

Akio. Hah.

Naoya: Laugh it up, Tightie Whities.

Malcolm: I'm a COMMANDO.

Nao: Mal . . . who taught you that? . . . oh, never mind.

Mal: How come we have to have a bath?

Ayaka: Because you're all really dirty. ><

Akio: . . . you're going to take a picture of my butt, now, aren't you . . .

Ayaka: See? DIRTY.

Akio: Another day, another humiliating photo of me posted to the internet . . .

Ayaka: Your fangirls demand it.

Akio: . . ><

Ayaka: Nao, since Mal's never had a bath before, why don't you explain it to him?

Naoya: Yeah, because I look like a primary school teacher, right . . .

Naoya: Okay, Mal, this is the Mr. Super Clean sponge. Well actually it's a Volks cleaning sponge but that sounds cooler. You get wiped with this and it takes off all the dirt like magic.

Mal: Ooh, spongy.

Naoya: Don't poke the sponge, Mal. Never disrespect the power of the sponge.

Malcolm: Okay, then what's that thing for?

Naoya: Err . . .

Akio: It'S a hOok fOr tAKinG oFf yOuR HEaD.
Malcolm: !!!

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