Akio: "Oh no . . . another box? At least this one's small . . ."
Isao: "What did you buy me? :D"
Isao: "Doll . . . head?"
Akio: "His ego may be bigger than his head, but I'm not sure having TWO will help . . ."
Isao: "Ooooh . . . FOAM!"
That's just padding, Isao . . . ^^;
Look, she sent us gifts! Isn't that sweet?
Underneath the wig, and the baggie with the jewelry . . . is the head.
I guess it's not the box it came in. XD
Isao: "Quick, you better get the bubble wrap off before he suffocates?"
Let me take the stupid pictures, he's been in it for a week or so already, he's not going to suffocate now.
Head: "Mmmrrrfllmggh. .;;;"
Okay, okay, there we go.
Head: "*gaspcough* Thanks ^^; Uhh . . . could you put my eyes in so I can see where I am?"
Yeesh, you boys are a lot more demanding than Akio was when he came.
Akio: "Heh. *maybe I should have been pushier, I might have gotten more stuff...*"

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