My dog, Indy Girl, inspects the box.
Inside the outer box . . .
Very tidily packaged goodies (man this rug is kinda ugly in photos lol)
Goodies removed . . .
Naked but hot! Or naked and hot? Actually his resin was ICE cold to the touch. Naked in Chicago in December, what a way to arrive.
His faceup is much prettier in person, but hard to photograph.
Tight pants = challenge to get on. He came with SOCKS! But no underwear. Guess Isao doesn't like panty line. *resists urge to suggest he wear a thong* (Isao would be the type, too.)
Isao: "Okay, I've got clothes, but how about giving me my hair?"
Before the wig hides it - you can see the delicate work around his eyes a bit better, and the very subtle blushing. His eyelashes are great too, short and well set so they look natural, not girly.
*70s porn music starts* Baumchickabowow. (It must be the hair. >_>)

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