This is actually version 1.5 of Akio's faceup by me - I was really annoyed with his lips right before I left for the SD meetup. I couldn't stand it so I took off just the lips and tried to repaint them in about 5 minutes.

I don't recommend this. ^^;;;

Blank head.

Time to start my second attempt at a faceup!

And a profile view. You can see my new Model Master acrylic thinner in the background. I had an argument with someone in an art store about this, who told me to use water. I found this thinner in the hobby aisle, and it worked fine with the non-Model Master paints as well.

I didn't take a picture of the eyebrow template last time so here it is, in the process of being cut out. Masking tape piece on the head, freehand one eyebrow, peel off gently, stick to printer paper, cut out.

I used an Exacto the first time and had a dreadful job of it - for my second faceup, I used a pair of very small scissors and it worked much better.

Eyebrows drawn on and lightened slightly. I only lightened them with an eraser very slightly this time. I found it to be more effective to paint straight over the outline, get the eyebrows maybe 80% of the way done, WAIT to make sure the paint was totally dry and then erase. Worked fine and it was much easier.

The final result. I went much lighter on the blush this time (mixed Rembrandt and two Schminke colors) and tried for more precise application. I had a 20/0 liner, which helped IMMENSELY so I recommend not giving up trying to find one. The eyebrows are primarly dark brown, with maybe three other shades of brown and then two highlight colors as well (inspired by Japanese customizers). I find this to be much more realistic and soft looking. I also used a combination of paint and pastel on the lips to get a softer edge. I prefer it to just paint, but still need to work on the technique. Also used a semi-gloss sealant this time, which is nice if you want a damp but not wet finish (but not flat either).

The brows are much heavier than the last time, and heavier than most dolls have. I wanted to experiment with how that might change Akio's look (in addition to angling of the brows, which has a more obvious effect).

Isao's head is in the BG there, I was about to take a comparison shot.


Sort of as an omake - Naoya's head's shininess was bugging me and I was concerned that if he was not sufficiently coated I could damage the faceup. So I finally decided to take to him with some Mr. Super Clear while I was priming Akio's head. I didn't think there was any way to remove the eyelashes without damaging them, so I decided to mask them with masking tape. It was an awkward operation, but I was able to mask them well enough that they were completely unharmed by the spraying process and the masking tape came off quite easily. If you're desperate to avoid removing eyelashes, it is possible to do this.