Akio's faceup when he came to me, painted by my friend Bailey. ^^ I accidentally damaged the blushing with the Volks cleaning sponge (don't even let water from the sponge get on your doll's face!) and wasn't able to repair it.

The pic I got when the head was off was blurry so this will have to do.

This description will be a bit vague, since there are very good tutorials on the basics of faceups already and good advice on the Dollfie forums. I recommend reading everything you can find carefully before you start (that's what I did). I'd never done a faceup before and I was terrified, but the nice thing about Super Dollfie faceups is - it's NOT PERMANENT. If you're not happy with it, just take it off and try again!

The blank head with the faceup removed. I used Volks Makeup Remover, which worked very well. The container is very small though, so one can only remove 2-3 faceups.

As a caution, once you've soaked the head and are allowing it to air dry (I did use a very soft, lint-free towel to dab at the water in the ears and inside the head) . . . make sure you wait a good while after you've removed the faceup to handle the head much. Acetone and similar ingredients apparently make the resin temporarily softer than normal. I was trying to get some eye putty out of the head and my nails left dents on Akio's chin.

I was able to sand them off using small pieces of sand paper (in 400 and 600 grade). Always sand in a circle, not back and forth. If scratches are not very deep, you can smooth them out without changing the head's features at all.

For materials, I had acrylic retardant, brush cleaner, Liquitex acrylic paints (though I mixed in some cheap Ceramcoat to get the lip color), Rembrandt pastel and a stiff brush for blushing, and a 10/0 liner and 10/0 spotter. The 10/0 liner was the thinnest I could find, but I was only able to get the thin lines I wanted for the eyelashes by drawing the brush very lightly. Frequently cleaning the brush and not wiping off the brush cleaner also seemed to thin the paint somewhat and was helpful. I used Mr. Super Clear sealant and would highly recommend it - I've used a lot of sealers as a cosplayer and nothing I've used comes close to the kind of results it gives.

I used a technique recommended on Den of Angels to do the eyebrows. I put a piece of masking tape on, drew one eyebrow, then stuck the masking tape to a piece of printer paper and cut out a template (which I could then flip to get both eyebrows). I filed in that template lightly with Prismacolor colored pencil in a dark brown. I quickly popped his eyes back in so I could see how it looked.

When I tapped the eyebrow outline with my (clean and brand new) eraser to lighten the lines before painting, I got a little carried away and wound up having to freehand; so the eyebrows came out much different than the outline I made. ^^; I also wound up using black paint only. Because of the retardant, I was able to remove the eyebrows (or sections of them) with a q-tip dipped in brush cleaner. I found this very useful.

The lips and eyelashes are freehanded.

I got too many layers of paint on the lips because I was having trouble, so they didn't come out very well. I used some clear nail polish on the lips to gloss them because my sealant went missing.

Finished faceup and Akio's head back on his body, the next day since it was nighttime when I finished. I had a terrible time with the lip color and never was satisfied with the color I got.

With a wig.

This was my first time doing any kind of faceup, so I think the results came out okay considering.