Celebrating Akio's birthday belatedly, since I was waiting in vain for some sunlight. He was supposed to just wear the Luts DW-44 for a sales photo but I thought it set off his eyes nicely.

(Text - "Everglow" - Oblivion Dust)
I know, I know; we don't need nothing cause we don't feel a thing
dissolve it, resolve it
the beauty comes and goes
only sing song . . . I sing a little so I see a little yeah
but it don't end . . . wallowing

and you remind me of a dream I never dreamt
you come down into my world and then you slow me down
into a coma
you're all I need

everything I ever thought was real became so flavorless
and everybody came to block me out
when all I did was try to tell someone the truth

you're the sunlight in my gray
dancer, dance a little faster

say you'll be my own, my everglow
and whisper broken symphonies

I feel your cables dig deeper within
electric waves that wash me clean again

say you'll be my own, my everglow

that shines like stolen bits of glitter

shine it out into deeper blue moments

shining out and dissolving me
until I break apart

shine it out and make me break apart

shine it out until I break apart

I'm breaking . . .