General Owners Sites

[E] If you're here, you've probably been there already. Home of Aimee's wonderful dolls, plus her ever-popular SD FAQ and the Den of Angels forum.
[E] Very funny photostories + wig shop.
[E] Cutest little MSD Hyuui, Shiina, plus MSD F-10 and a wonderful Enn girl. Also has the head mold owner's list, a great resource if you're thinking about a doll or just want to browse!
[E] Very entertaining photostories.
[J] Very mysterious-seeming dolls with a lot of personality and great outfits.
[J] The photos here are just beautiful; simple and very clean, but amazing.
[K] You'll die from the gorgeouness. (I'm not legally responsible if you do.)
[J] Lovely dolls in amazing historically-inspired clothes
[E] Shikai (F-28), Jiko (F-21), Jinsei (Ricky Bermont), Quay (mod. Heath), and Vikas (BF Jerome). Much love <3
[J] Also has a school head (Siren) but I admit it's her F-29, Syo-ri, I'm in love with! Dresses them very well and nice pics! Her Isao is really cool, too.
[E] Lawrence, beautiful F-16 styled after Lawrence of Arabia.
[E] BIG family of lovelies. If you like "elegant and gothic", this is the site for you.Very dramatic photography. Make sure to check out the commission faceup gallery!
[E] Love her Chiwoo Jun, such a cutie. Also very lovely F-29 Jenova and more. Great wardrobes!

Resources / Selected Shopping

Creating Dreams [E] Invaluable resource on Volks Full Choice System.
Where Angels Lie [E] Companion site to the above, database for all Volks standard and limited dolls.
[E] Forum, wiki, and more.
[E] The highly-ambitious eye database, with photos galore of all types of eyes in all types of colors. Submit your pics! There is also a wig database.
[K][E][J] For great quality wigs, shoes, accessories in four sizes; also eyes by various manufacturers in glass, silicone, and acrylic. Has their own line of dolls (Doll LeeKe, comparable size with Volks Yo-SD).
[K][E][J] Maker of urethane eyes. Excellent quality and great color range. I've ordered through both the Asian distributor and the new American distributor.
[E] US-based distributor for Ajumapama (clothes and accessories), and CheeryDoll (clothes, shoes, wigs).
[K][E][J][more] Probably my favorite place to buy shoes. <3 They also make great SD13, MSD, and Yo-SD/Petite Ai/LeeKe sized outfits and wigs. Awesome quality. Distributors in multiple countries, buy from the site, they also sell on US eBay.

Doll Icons

<-- (sample) [E] The ever-popular basic doll icon. Simple but great. Since the original Japanese site is now defunct, Cassiel maintains this page. If they don't have yours, there are base icons to make your own!

BJD-type Artist-made Heads/Dolls Sites

Sites of artists who make their own doll heads and/or dolls. Some are similar to the familiar style of ABJD, some are not. Please be aware that artist sites may contain doll nudity of varying degrees of anatomical correctness and possibly controversial imagery.

Nino Doll (Kawainino) [K] Has released a number of popular heads over the years, in SD and MSD size.
[K] Makes her own BJDs. Sells am SD-13 compatible custom head on Y!J, by the name of "Cloud", who is very handsome.
[K] Limited-release SD-13 and MSD compatible heads (perhaps most known for the "Igon" heads).
[K] Beautiful repaints, her own dolls (Anais, Madoka, Chris/Lucas, Kohya, Sch A), plus SD13 compatible heads (Ashley, Bermont, and Callas).
Rose Calme [J] Has a series of original heads available from time to time on Yahoo! Japan. Has a DoD Too, DoD Zen, AR Ren.