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General Owners' Sites


Sora (MSD Tsubaki); Tae (MSD Hewitt); Icchi; Florence (MSD F-13); Domino (YoSD Ayumu).
Lady with the Dog Family now too big to list! Including: Daprima (SD13 Megu), Mez (Lucas 3rd), Cammeo (SD13 Nana), Vanni (Kohya), Grace (MSD Myu), Fin (Elf El), and Nolie (LeeKeWorld Sweet)

Other Shirou Owners

[J] Song of Boys Union, just for Tokyo Boy owners (and Jun)!
[J] Shirou owners webring
[E] Gavrael (with purple lips :3! I have a soft spot for Zafkiel, her F-29, as well)
[E] Home of Dylan, Shirou with an attitude.
[J] Home of the very cute Ren. (Also Tsukasa and a great F-20)
[J] Home of Toshiki. (Also has a Sweet Dream Lucas and a School Head A.)
[J] Amazing customizer, lots to drool over!
[K] GORGEOUS photos of a customized Shirou. Also has art.
[E] Home to Loki's Hale (Shirou), Aiden (Isao), Kitori (Luts El), Saoirse (Shiwoo), Shin (F-17) and Darnell (Arashi).
[J] Cute, friendly feeling. Also has Tsukasa, Michele, Anais, Jun.

Other School Head Owners

[J] Miya and Yumi are awesome. Also has a School C.
[E] Crazy Ed! <3 Also the ever-entrancing G (Michele) and J (F-16).
[E] The word that comes to mind about Duke is "theatrical". Also Taro (F-17), who tempts me muchly with his smirk. Great photos!
[J] Home of Yui. Also Sakura (Capt. Cecil) and Kojiro and Kotao (Anais boy twins). Not many pics but they're worth the trip.
[J] More school heads than you can shake a stick at.

Other F-09 Owners

[J] Extremely sweet F-09 and a Schulze, too!
[J] Some of the sweetest photos ever.
[J] Ness, my favorite F-09! <3 (Besides Malcolm.)
[J] Suzushi (MSD F-09), Tomoe (MSD F-08), Kizashi (MSD F-10), and Nagare (MSD F-1). Two owners who share the site. Also just got YoSD Anne and Piccolo. *Wonderful* photos!

Other Yo-SD owners

[J] Home of Momo (Suzuna). I LOVE her photographs!
[J] Kiyomaru. Cute pics. Also a page on the Yo-SD body that shows off some impressive posing abilities!
[E] Since there are fewer Yo-SD owners, I'm putting this site here for Yumie (Suzuna) and Yume (Sweet Dream Suzuna). Also has Hideki (Shirou), Ro (Tsukasa), and Sayuri (Jun). I'm especially fond of Nadeshiko, a beauty white F16 girl.

Other Yukinojo Sawaragi owners

[J] Home of Touga. One of my favorite customizers; stunning dolls (mostly heavily modded).
[J] Also has an Enn. <3 for Enn. Click on the "286" door for her doll pics.

Other School C owners

[J] Boy C Kalatchi. Also Yutaca (Tsukasa) and Canoto (F-21). Takes great photos; also makes clothes and jewelry, and make sure to check out the Cafe for her amazing miniature food.
[J] Beautiful Zion~ <3 A huge group of pretty ladies: Anais 2nd, F-28 x2, Unoa, Unoss, Kun, Ushiwakamaru, Kikyou, F-27, Sweet Dream Nana, Byakuren, option head 5, Sara, and MSD Mika.

Other Sakaki owners

[E] Much love for Gabriel. <3 Pretty unparalelled photography.

Other F-31 owners

[J] Home of two F-31s, Auryn and Enigma (lots of great dolls; including Tsukasa and the cutest MSD F-13). The fantasy-setting photography is fabulous.