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After becoming frustrated with the item listing style on the LeeKe website, I wanted a reference so I could easily see which colors were available in which styles. I am not affiliated with LeeKe ; I made this chart for my own reference and am posting it online in the hope it may be useful to others. I make no guarantees that this information is completely error-free and it may not be completely up-to-date.If you find an error or have a comment, you can email me. I am also interested in information on discontinued LeeKe wigs/colors.

NOTE: LeeKe has discontinued some of their colors. Because some remain in stock and because of the secondary market, these colors will remain on the chart but are in the green highlighted section. You can still access the OLD color chart and the OLD wig chart as well.

Because the charts have gotten so large, they are now on separate pages by size and will open in a new window. You will note I have group color codes by family, which I hope will make viewing easier.

SD-SIZE WIGS CHART : approx. 9-10"; for most SD-size dolls

MSD-SIZE WIGS CHART : approx. 7-8"; for most MSD-size dolls

LEEKE DOLL SIZE WIGS CHART : approx. 6"; for LeeKe Dolls, Volks Yo-SD, Unoa; may fit comparables

COLOR CHART : current available colors


These images are from the LeeKe site. ^^; They will be removed if requested. Owner pictures are available by clicking on a dot below a style.

If you have owner pictures of wig styles, please contact me!
L-001 L-002 L-003 L-006 L-007 L-009 L-010 L-012
L-013 L-014


L-016 L-017 L-018 L-019 L-020
L-021 L-022A L-022 L-023 L-024 L-025 L-026 L-026A L-026B
L-027 L-028 L-029A L-029 L-030 L-031 L-032 L-033
L-034 L-035A L-035 L-036 L-037 L-038 L-039 L-040
L-041 L-042 L-043 L-044 L-045 L-046 L-047 L-048
L-049 L-050 L-052 L-053 L-054 L-055 L-057 L-058
L-059 L-060 L-061 L-063 L-064 L-065 L-067 L-068
L-069 L-071 L-073 L-074 L-076 L-077 L-078 L-079
L-080 L-081 L-083 L-086 L-087 L-088    

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