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Bar icons: The original site from which I acquired the base icon is now gone. These are all ones I personally made. Free for use; upload to your server. I have used new colors for new doll lines added since the old site vanished. However, Seraphim now has the old icons archived as well as new additions, so I will only infrequently update these.

Dolpa 22 Limiteds:

Oct. 2009 New Standard icons:

Yo-SD/Yo-Tenshi icons:

Kyo-tenshi/Yo-tenshi icons:

LA Tenshi no Sumika limiteds:

Dolpa 14 limiteds:

Kyoto Dolpa 4 limiteds:

Dolpa 16 limiteds:

Osaka HTDolpa 3 limiteds:

Korean doll icons are provided in two sizes. Altered versions of base icons; first is the base icon original size, second is a smaller version with the same width as the Volks icons (useful to those with mixed households ^^).
Pixdoll Sevy:
Orientdoll So Dong:

Dot icons: For your webpage or profile, a petite version of your limited doll. Inspired by icons from here. Please do not direct link. Please give me a link and/or credit if you use them! They take much longer than the bar icons. ^^; Original images are copyright Volks.

SD17: SD16: SD13: SD10: SDCute: YoSD: