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|+| General Tips |+|
Stringing tutorial - Volks SD13 boy body
Removing hot glued default eyes
Setting eyes - flatback - silicone or other eyes with a flat back
Setting eyes - stem - glass or acrylic eyes with a stem
Washing synthetic doll wigs - for cleaning and to minimize staining
Lining wigs - to prevent staining from wigs with black caps
Making a "Gripper Headthong" - to prevent wig slippage and provide better fit with loose wigs
Sewing tips and materials
White background photography - using a window to take photos with a neutral BG

|+| Comparison Photos |+|
Volks doll range comparison shots
Cross-brand doll comparison shots
Head swap photos - heads on bodies other than the ones they were intended for
Eye color and size comparison pictures
Wig color comparison pictures
Clothing size comparison pictures

|+| Misc. Reference |+|
LeeKe World wigs color/style index
Generic doll items for BJD - info about Western doll company items for BJD *UP*
Orientdoll So x Kelly clothing - info and photos *UP*

|+| Custom |+|
Faceup Supplies Guide *UP*
Faceup Walkthrough - Gideon (Yukinojo; Oct 2007) *UP*
I'm still revising the faceup walkthrough but the newer version is up. Leaving up old faceups for your reference, OLDER to NEWER.
First faceup - Akio (SD13 Shirou Tachibana)
Second faceup - Akio (SD13 Shirou Tachibana)
Faceup walkthrough / Fifthish Faceup - Akio (SD13 Shirou Tachibana)
Sixth faceup - Sahara (School Head C)
Stellan (Sakaki) - December 2006