Trying to compile a few shots of different wig colors whenever I happen to have more than one of the same style/brand in the same place. I've done my best to accurately represent the colors, but keep in mind that all computers and monitors differ slightly, and even in person colors can look different depending on the light.

If you are looking for more wig photos, I highly recommend the BJD Wig Database, which I submit to.

Volks SD-size wig, style W-55 (Boy's Short), in 350 (wine brown), 33T (copper) and 02 (natural, a very dark brown which appears black in most light).The copper is a very brassy red (copper is an accurate name); wine brown is a deeper, more burgundy shade.

Volks SD size wig, style W-102 (Straight mesh). Colors pictured are - P2/100 (black with silver streaks); PMG/613 (light brown with ivory streaks); and P6/144T (dark brown with camel streaks). Regarding the odd color numbering - the "P_" indicates the base color (02 = natural; 6 = dark brown) and the second number indicates the highlight color. I am not sure what the "MG" stands for, but it might be "medium gold".

Volks: Shades of gold. Sorry, I don't have 2_27 (mixed gold) or 20 (light gold). L to R: Gold (W-85); 27, natural gold (W-104C); 10, classic gold (W-114N).

Volks gold versus 613 (ivory). Both are warm tones, but the gold is more yellow and looks more like dyed hair than natural blonde.

Blonde versus blonde! o.o LeeKe World's KB88 versus Volks' ivory (613). The LeeKe blonde is a much cooler tone and is also paler; almost a white blonde.