Pictured: 18mm Enchanted Doll #26 low dome (urethane); Volks Zoukeimura 18mm #22 (glass); and Volks HG 18mm blue (glass). Click for enlargement.

Pictured: 16mm Volks HG B. Pale Purple (glass); 16mm Ethereal Angels Eye Candies (Mystic) in UV (urethane); 16mm Volks Zoukeimura GE-18 (thin orange; glass); 16mm Enchanted Doll Sweety #10 high dome (urethane). Click for enlargement. Note: The Mystic eyes are not defective, the funny gray area is because they change color in sunlight and had not been exposed evenly when I took the photo.


Volks HG Vermillion Eyes: Black line vs White line

Pictured: Ethereal Angels Gumdrops line Dusty Grey (urethane); Zoukeimura GE-14 (ash grey; glass); Volks HG Cadet Blue (glass), all 16mm. The Gumdrops gray has a brown tint; this pair of GE-14 has a green tint (Zouks can vary because they are handmade); cadet blue appears medium gray in most lights but is clearly blue in direct sun.


Planning to expand this page later on with picutres of other heads.


Eye: 14mm Volks HG Pale Purple
Comment: Looks decent in photos, but there is a significant gap to either side of the eye. 14mm is too small in the Volks HG. Yukinojo's eye socket is narrow from top to bottom, but too wide from side to side for this size.

Eye: 16mm Dollmore (?) Light Violet
Comment: 16mm is Yukinojo's default eye size. The eyes do not sit completely tight in the socket (I blame this on the shape of his eyewell, not the eye size), but this is a good iris size for him.

Eye: 18mm Volks HG Vermillion B
Comment: 18mm is large for his eye socket, so the eyes are somewhat hard to position. However, he can wear them, as the gap is comparable with that on 16mm glass eyes. But I think the larger iris size, in this color, makes him look stoned.

Eye: 18mm Volks HG Cadet Blue
Comment: When I positioned the eye slightly lower, I think he looks rather "dreamy" in these eyes. 18mm is a good choice to make him look less intense. (Though in this photo, he definitely looks high.)