This page is for taking advantage of opportunities to compare different dolls to each other. It is not intended to be comprehensive but hopefully will be of some interest and/or use. I love seeing how unique each sculpt is. I also have Volks-specific pages.

Tiny Hands: L to R: Blue Fairy Pocket Fairy, Volks Seitenshi, Volks Yo-SD (Yo-tenshi)

Tiny Feet: L: Volks Yo-SD; R: Bambicrony Ciao Bella

60cm Boys: From L to R: Volks SD13 boy Shirou Tachibana (old knee body, standard leg); Dream of Doll Dream of Teen Lahoo; Custom House Ai special Jin. All are "normal" skin tone for their company. Click each image for a big 800x600 view.

NOTE: Naughty bits censored in SMALL VERSION ONLY.

A closeup so you can compare the backs of the knees, and also note that the Ai body's thigh piece is actually two sections (not designed to move, but cast separately). I also find butt sculpts intriguing and I say that in a totally non-pervy way. :X Please pardon the shadowing which makes these boys look like they need a bath (they were about to have one anyway!).

The best resin comparison we could manage. Please note that Lahoo and Jin are much newer dolls than Shirou and would have been exposed to less UV (which causes resin to become more yellow). With a newer Volks body/resin, the CH and Volks color is closer (though not identical). The DoD resin is dinstinctly paler and much more pink.